Declans Story


Where it all started

It all started on Declans 10th Birthday with a birthday treat to Buckmore park he loved it and came away with the biggest smile dont think he used the brake once with his foot to the floor the whole time


Moving to Corporate Karting

Declan had another couple of trips to Buckmore park where we learnt about corporate karting and the Buckmore park race league. at the end of 2015 Declan entered in the rookie championship at Buckmore completing the last couple of races of that season coming 2nd in his first race. In 2016 we started the full championship in Junior rookie and also competed in the full junior championship Declan went on to finish the season as top junior rookie winning nearly every race and coming second in the full Junior championship, he was also awarded the coveted star pupil award which has seen many winners go on to successful winning careers in Motorsport. In this year Declan also entered the Bayford Meadows Junior Championship which he Won.


The move to Owner Driver Racing

In June 2016 during the first full year of corporate karting Declan was bought his first proper Kart a second hand Project One kart we were also introduced to Evolution racing by the owner of that kart and decided as we had no experience of how to set up the kart to go with this team where we met some great people and learnt a lot . Half way through the season we entered into Honda clubman a low cost feeder class for beginners where Declan took many podiums and wins. Still with Evolution Declan moved up to full cadet in 2017 Declan still got plenty of podiums 3rd in the Buckmore Park Championship and was also awarded Drivers Driver of the year a real lovely surprise and a great feeling to have won this title,  but this proved to be a real eye opener to how much money people were spending on there kids to keep them at the top, eventually the expense of running with a team just proved to much and after the last round at Buckmore that year we had to leave the team and go on our own. 

Declans Story


Going it alone

2018 was a year with some real highs and lows and some harsh lessons and also a year we decided to do some travelling.

Dad really struggled with setting the kart up at the new tracks we decided to visit with lots of mistakes but we muddled through with advice from friends we had made in the karting world. We also had to cope with second hand parts old tyres when we should have had news ones, the budget was really tight ! Declan still managed to get Podiums at both the new tracks Whilton Mill and PF International and won the Lydd Championship the search for sponsors had gotten more and more important throughout the year but despite all dads efforts we were unsuccessful.


Moving up

October 2018 due to being over the weight and age it was time to move up to the big Karts and into MiniMax a 2 stroke 125cc engine and bigger kart. Having got a great deal on a second hand kart courtesy of Gerrard at Project One Racing and doing a couple of test days with them so dad could learn a bit about the kart we embarked on another chapter coming 2nd in the winter championship at Bayford Meadows


British Championships

2019 saw Declan entering the British Championships after a little bit of Sponsorship from ALL in ONE Property Enterprise Ltd but still not enough for us to be able to go and test at all the new tracks, which would leave us at a great disadvantage throughout the season. 

First two rounds at PF International went well finishing 6th and 9th. Next was Rowrah in Cumbria, new track dad really struggled to get set up right and Declan had an off in one of the heats but  finished rounds 3 and four 14th and 13th.  June and then all the way down to Devon and Mansell Raceway this weekend was one to forget with a big crash in one of the heats dad having to repair the kart and having no luck finding the right set up Declan finished the 5th and 6th rounds here in 12th and 13th. Next Glan y Gors in North Wales another bad weekend still struggling for set up but still some positives to take at the end of the weekend. After the heats Declan started the 7th round final in 12th all was going well moving up to 5th Declan got taken out by another competitor and DNF (Did not finish) meaning he came last and had to start 8th round final in last place but after a blistering drive moving up Nine places he eventually finished 9th. Next stop was supposed to be Clay Pigeon in Dorset but in between Declan broke his chassis at a club round at Bayford in the Kent cup this meant Dad had to purchase a new chassis and that expense meant we had to miss out on rounds 9 and 10 at Clay because dad just didn't have the funds. September now and the final round at Forest Edge, also closest to home and we managed to get some testing there beforehand. Practice Declan was fastest, 5th fastest and 3rd fastest then qualified 3rd 1st heat finished 6th 2nd heat finished 6th final of the 11th round finished 6th final of the 12th round finished 3rd but all his efforts and brilliant driving in the final were for nothing when he was disqualified on a technicality because dad hadn't written down the chassis seal Number on the scrutineering card this cost Declan 2 Trophy's on the day and also he lost out on being a seeded driver and finishing in the top ten of the British Championships